Fun World Cup Activities for the Kids

Summer is here and that means more time for fun with the grandkids. One of the best things about summer is that it allows time for grandparents and grandkids to come together for creative, fun  learning opportunities. With millions of people around the world currently following the FIFA World Cup Soccer competition, it can be a wonderful theme for fun, creative learning activities.

Fun World Cup Activities Using the Internet

By using the Internet, fun FIFA World Cup Soccer activities are possible for Grandparents and Grandkids to do together, whether living near or far:

  • On the FIFA website, look at the list of countries competing and choose one to cheer for – or choose one for each family member and make it a family competition.
  • While deciding which countries might win your family members’ support, use Google and Google Maps to learn about their locations, flags, photos, and other information the kids want to know. Be sure to include South Africa since it is also the host country. Zoom in closer to see photos of homes, schools, vegetation, recreation sites, etc, if possible.
  • Once teams are chosen, design custom t-shirts using their colors and images to represent the FIFA World Cup.
  • If you don’t have the time, you can purchase soccer t-shirts to represent your favorite soccer team.
  • Research the rules on how to play soccer if it is new to you or your family. If the kids know more than you do, ask them to explain some of the rules. They will love teaching you something new!
  • Look up the World Cup schedule, then watch some of the soccer matches and chat about them – via Skype with a web camera or Google chat – during the matches if possible.
  • Look up the answers to some of the questions the kids may have, such as why is there loud humming during the world cup soccer matches or what do the yellow cards mean?

Fun World Cup Activities While Visiting Grandkids

If you are able to visit with your grandkids during the FIFA World Cup Soccer competition, do these fun activities together:

  • Find recipes common to your chosen teams’ countries to make together.
  • Hold a World Cup party while you watch some of the soccer games and enjoy the recipes.
  • If you’d rather be outdoors, have a picnic and hold your own World Cup match.
  • Design and make a World Cup trophy covered in silver foil to present to the winning team. If your family is small, invite other families to join in the fun.

In addition to learning about other countries, team spirit, and soccer, there is a more valuable significance in sharing experiences with grandchildren. Children who share in fun activities with their grandparents form a special, supportive relationship that helps them get through difficult times that may come their way later on.