A winter alliterative poem, Winter’s Window, provides the reader with an image of one of nature’s masterpieces.

Winter Alliterative Poem

Have you experienced the vision of looking through winter’s window after clouds have cleared and the moon shines down on the freshly fallen snow? If you have, you’ll be able to relate to the peaceful, delicately beautiful scene I attempted to create in my newest alliterative poem, Winter’s Window.

And, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of such a surreal moment, may a Winter’s Window let you envision what we in the North look forward to after the snow has settled for the night.

Winter’s Window

a winter poem using alliteration

Winter’s window
opens to nature’s
majestic masterpiece…

silvery stars signal
snow’s silently slipping away

moonbeams magnificently
illuminate a winter wonderland

delicate diamonds silently settle
in a white blanket of lustrous lights

swirling winds whisper
gentle gestures of welcome


creatures awaken to the sun’s golden glow
morning makes its mellifluous appearance

© 2011 Barbara R Johnson
~ Nana’s Corner ~