Sit too much? If your answer is yes, then you need a desk cycle – a DeskCycle to be exact. Pedal under your desk while you work, blog, pay your bills, etc., to help maintain your health and fitness. Trust me…I know…

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in a sitting position. I know I sit more than I move around during my waking hours. In fact, after I added blogging to my activities some health issues reared their ugly selves.

Why You Need DeskCycle

Our muscles and organs need nourishment, and that they get through circulation…and that is helped through movement.

I never really thought about how my hours of sitting while working, reading, needlework, watching TV, traveling in the car to visit the grandkids, commuting, and blogging kept me from giving my body a healthy dose of nourishment. I was careful with my diet, but was very sporadic with exercise, even though I knew exercise was good for toning and heart health.

I’m an excellent procrastinator! But, it cost me…

The results? Weight gain and back surgery. But the shocker was after I had my second colonoscopy. Five years after my first colonoscopy, which had been clean, I had my second. My doctor found 9! polyps needing removal – 3 were pre-cancerous.

I’m convinced now that the cause was too much time sitting at the computer without moving. between the two scopes. Three years later, I had 5 polyps removed, but none were pre-cancerous. Then three years after that, I had none.

What made the difference? I made sure I moved more.

Exercising at Work with a Desk Cycle has Multiple Benefits

Researchers (read report) find that the average person sits too many hours a day. No surprise! No matter how often I try to get up and move around, I’m drawn back. The treadmill desk is an excellent invention and the brainchild of Dr. Levine, author of “Move a Little, Lose a Lot”. Treadmill desks are an excellent solution for getting exercise at work. But they are not for everyone, but it works for me – it’s right there, at my feet. offers a “How to Use the DeskCycle” page.

The benefits of exercising at work are greater than just losing weight and improving your health.

People who exercise before or during work are

  • happier
  • suffer less stress
  • and are more productive.

This is the gist of a study performed at the University of Bristol. See Article

I Have DeskCycle – I Love It!

I’m now retired, need to update my blog big time, but limited in the time I can stay sedentary in my chair. I believe I have an Angel. At just the right time, a request to review a DeskCycle showed up in my email and offered to send one to me…Of course I immediately replied!
desk cycleSoon after, my DeskCycle arrived with everything included for easy assembly – wrench and all.

Here I am - pedaling as I’m sharing my DeskCycle info with you, keeping the pressure off the back of my thighs, moving my hips loosening up my arthritis, and increasing the circulation throughout. Pedaling my DeskCycle is now my second favorite activity, with walking being my first.

I think it’s fantastic! I put the DeskCycle under my desk (height, resistance, pedal straps all adjustable), sit comfortably in my chair, and take care of two “must do’s” at the same time as I pedal and work. Check out the features for this desk cycle.

DeskCycle Benefits I Like

  • movement improves circulation
  • strengthens hips and legs
  • burns calories
  • builds stamina
  • no excuse to avoid exercise
  • low impact – works knees, hips, thighs, and core
  • increases production
  • keeps me focused (desk cycles are used for students with ADHD)
  • great for those who like to multi-task

More About the Desk Cycle

  • QUIET!
  • lowest pedal height available
  • adjustable
  • weighs about 9 pounds
  • footpedals with adjustable/removable straps
  • 8 resistence levels
  • monitor attaches to DeskCycle or sits on desk
  • DeskCycle website - input height, weight, and age to calculate for a more precise data output (I found it very close to that shown on  the monitor)
  • adjustable tension – start out easy and work up to look up your strength and stamina
  • good, less expensive alternative for a recumbent bike which run $300 – $500
  • more information
  • available on - a great price for a guaranteed quality product with excellent customer service
  • Assembly required but everything is included, even the wrench, with easy to follow directions.

desk cycleOne more thing…I know I could never pedal 22 miles in 3 hours (not shown in photo) on a bicycle…which is what I’ve accomplished tonight on my DeskCycle…and I’ve burned off my dinner’s calories!

Opinions and personal reviews welcome!