What is a Mother?

What is a mother? A mother is much more than a woman who gives birth.

What is a mother? A mother can be our mother, grandmother, aunt, or a any special woman close to our heart who not only loves, but nurtures and helps in our emotional development.

What is a mother? A mother is a woman who is there for us no matter what may come our way.

As time takes us forward, our loving mother-daughter relationship turns into one of closest friendship.

Mother’s Day Poem Honors Mom, My Friend

Celebrate your special mother-daughter friendship by honoring the special “mother” in your life. Give the gift that will hold the most meaning – a poem or letter expressing appreciation and love with thoughts from your heart.

The following Mother’s Day poem may help you write your own Mother’s Day poem for your mother who is also your friend.

My Mom, My Friend

What is a Mom?

My mom is…
as great
at being a friend
as always being
a mom.

My mom is…
as warm and accepting
today as she was
when I was little and
always there for me
when I need a little
encouragement or ego boost.

My mom is…
my number one fan and
has the belief in me
now as she did when I was younger.

My mom is…
just as needed
and just as appreciated as
she was when I was a toddler.

My mom and I are so close.
I consider
her not only my mom
but my lifelong friend –
the one who’s always
in my corner and on my side…
the one I’m always
going to need and love,
the one always in my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Author Unknown ~

This poem is not smooth, nor does it rhyme. What is does accomplish is to answer the question, What is a Mother?
Through this poem, we learn what the meaning of Mother is to the author.

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