What do you do to pass the time on the road? Commuting can get very boring driving up the Parkway and then down the Parkway, five days a week, week after week – especially when the traffic is bumper to bumper. Looking for weird custom license plates can help pass the time. custom license plates

I listen to the radio but the talk shows just end up sounding the same; on the music stations, the songs tend to be repeated over and over…what ever is popular at the time. What I do enjoy is to look for custom license plates. (I know…eyes on the road, but everyone tailgates in this state so it’s easy to read the plates.) Some of the personalized license plates can be weird, unusual, funny, or cute.

In thinking back to what I’ve seen, I remember some plain personalised custom license plates with names such as BETTY or SUESTOY, others use nicknames, THMOOSE, or initials, ML  KT. I like the ones that proudly show grandparent names. The MEEMAs, POP POPs, and NANAs were lucky to order them early on. There is a long waiting list for those. I’m not sure if too many of a grandpa would like GEE PEE on his license plate!

The more interesting license plates are the weirdest. Just last Tuesday I was behind a Mercedes with the vanity plate, CORRUPT. Now who would put that label on their car…perhaps it was a politicians car?  A friend added this one to my list that she saw on a Lambroghini, WAS HIS. I think that’s a great one! One plate I saw a while ago was BOY.  Not sure what that might mean – maybe someone young at heart.  Yesterday, on our way to visit our grandchildren, a sports car went speeding pass us. I was able to get a glimpse of his plate; it said OIL WELL. More outrageous custom license plates on the road are: 0U812, BACKOFF, UPURS, and others I’d rather not post on NanasCorner for obvious reasons.

Then there’s the fanatic fans with custom plates. My son’s friend has BRUCE S on his license plate. His friend’s name is Nick.  He’s a big Bruce Springsteen fan – attended 20 of his concerts in the past year.  The other day, I was behind a car with SWAY Z on its license plate…probably a Patrick Swayze fan. STRWRZ – this is easy to figure out.

Some cute license plates are self-defining with PRNCESS, BADGIRL, MOMRCKS, BADEGG, and CUTIE1.  Others may be the names of their pets.  I remember one with SHATZIE which to me sounds like a dog’s name…pet owners are like that so it’s a possibility.

If you pass a car with letters that seem to not make sense at all, there might be this reason.  Car owners in the Russian community use letters from the English alphabet to represent Russian spellings.  HEHOMEP translated means “no number.”

Some license plates may be personalised number plates which would also make no sense to anyone but the owner.  Possibilities could be lucky numbers, birthdays, wedding days, or memorial dates.  Whatever the reason, it’s always fun to pass the time on long road trips by making up stories as to the meaning behind the funny license plates we come across.

What are the weirdest, most unusual, funniest, or cutest license plates you’ve seen or own?  Please share them with my readers!