It’s been a while since I’ve posted a poem here on Nana’s Corner…or anything else. Between planning a baby shower for our oldest daughter (just 3 days before baby’s arrival), helping with wedding plans for our son (just 31 days after baby’s arrival), and keeping ahead of my students as the school year nears its end – there hasn’t been much time to think about Nana’s Corner. But, today I do have a poem to share with you. The poem is one I used for the wedding rehearsal dinner invitations. (see below)

At AC Moore, I found plain blue cards close to the wedding color. On plain white paper, I printed the rehearsal dinner invitation poem, dividing it into 3 sections – one for each page. It’s easy to just change names, dates, and places to make it your own. I also added a couple of fun wedding graphics found on MS Publisher and changed the heart border and font colors to match the card. A fun looking font was also used to go with the mood of the pre-wedding event. My hubby cut the poem sections and with a little glue, attached them to the 3 pages for each wedding rehearsal invitation.

On the back of the invitation, we included directions to the restaurant. (Directions to the church were included in the wedding invitations.) Here’s the wedding rehearsal dinner invitation poem:

(front page)

Erik popped the question
and Bridget said, “Yes.”

All the planning is over
from the hall to the dress.

Only one thing remains
for their day to be great…

(page 2)

“Practice makes perfect” –
_______  is the date.

We’ll practice the ceremony,
and iron out the kinks.

Then it’s off to the
___________ Restaurant
for some dinner and drinks!

(page 3)

Please join the
bride- and groom-to-be




Directions to ____________ ~>

(add directions to the back of the card)

The cards I used were 5 x 7 inches. If you play around with the font, graphics, and border – it will all fit on the wedding rehearsal dinner invitation’s pages. 


  • Use the ruler Publisher provides to make sure your borders are even.
  • Fold the paper in quarters to make creases to guide your cutting. 
  • Use scrapbooking scissors, then you won’t have to worry about perfect straight lines.
  • I took a picture with my cell phone but can’t send it to my computer – no memory left on my phone…probably all those grandchildren photos I won’t erase!!

Best wishes for your upcoming wedding!