The end of summer vacation is fast approaching which means for many it is time to start planning their next vacation. For our family, our next vacation may be a Disney World vacation in the spring. Poppy and I are also thinking about where we will want to spend our 40th wedding anniversary. The cost of available vacation rentals and the included amenities will be a big deciding factor in determining our destination.

Our son has suggested we look into renting a villa in Florida and wherever we celebrate our anniversary. A villa! Living in luxury, even for just one week, would certainly make a vacation special. But, oh the cost! I’m sure a hotel would cost much less. He assured me that staying at a villa would not be more expensive…in fact, a villa vacation rental would be the way to save money. I’m always the skeptic, so I got on my laptop and googled Florida villas.

Here’s an example of what I found: 3 bedroom villa that sleeps 8 and is just 15 minutes from the theme parks rents for $668 a week. The villa includes everything you would need for the week – private covered pool included.  The cost of a luxury villa in the Disney World Resort is over $300 per night! Really! (rentals vary with location and current year’s search)

If you’re looking to save money on your next vacation, I’d recommend comparing the cost of staying at a villa to the cost of staying in a hotel.

So, now…about our 40th anniversary (2 years away)…where would I love to stay? I might want to choose from villas in France, Ireland, California, or stay close to home at the Jersey Shore.