Valentine Poems for Grandparents from Grandchildren

////Valentine Poems for Grandparents from Grandchildren

Valentine Poems for Grandparents from Grandchildren

Valentine Poems with Hugs and Kisses for Grandparents

For Valentines Day, grandchildren can send hugs and kisses to their loving grandparents with this original Valentine poem, Hugs and Kisses. This Valentine poem can be for one grandparent or both, just retype and change to include their special names. Ask your children to add their own lines for their grandparents’ Valentine poem. Print the poem and attach it to a poem made by the grandchildren.

Valentines made by grandchildren are the best a grandparent can receive! For sample handmade Valentines grandchildren can create themselves, visit Grandparents Handmade Valentines from Grandchildren and (See below for more easy Valentine ideas.)

I’m (We’re) sending you lots of hugs and many a kiss
Because it is you, Nana and Poppy (Grandmother) (Grandfather), I (we) miss
I (We) made this special Valentine just for you
Because I (we) feel special whatever we do
Your love is my (our) treasure
I’ll (We’ll) love you forever
So I’m (we’re) sending my (our) love this way…
Happy Valentines Day!
Hugs and Kisses,
Hugs and Kisses Valentine Poem by Barbara R Johnson

More Valentines Hugs and Kisses with eCards

ecard-xoxoIf you are short on time, you can send a Hugs and Kisses Hershey eCard to your sweet grandparent Valentine! Use Hersheys’ sweet messages or a Valentine poem or a short sweet sentiment from Nana’s Corner: Sending sweet sentiments of heavenly Hershey kisses and hugs from my heart to yours.

For more yummy Valentine Hugs and Kisses poems:

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