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Valentine Alliteration Example | Valentines, a Poem Lesson

Happy Valentine’s Day from Nana to all of my “alliteration examples” fans. The poem, Valentines, is a valentine alliteration example using valentines as a theme together with a lesson plan.

Valentine Alliteration Example Poem Lesson Plan

  • read – Valentines, the valentine alliteration example poem
  • look up – make a list of the “v” words in the poem, then record their definitions
  • research – history of valentines – find 3 facts you didn’t know
  • interpret – rewrite the poem using the non-alliterative words, keeping a similar message
  • create – more lines to add to the Valentines alliteration example
  • design – learn to make your own velvet and vellum valentine and design your own
  • share – 1 new vocabulary word, 1 fact you didn’t know, 1 new line of alliteration, your non-alliterative poem, and valentine

Valentine Alliteration Example Vocabulary

 vivid vermillion veracious
 validations vintage valentines

and now…

Valentine Alliteration Example Poem


vessels of love

vellum and velvet

vivid vermilion

veracious validations



© 2011 Barbara R. Johnson

And finally…

Example of Alliteration | A Valentine Love Poem is another valentine poem I wrote using alliteration. Check it out!

Submit your poems and lines of alliteration below and I’ll post them to share with others. I’m excited to see what you have!!!

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