A magical unicorn horn headband for my Unicorn Princess by Brooklyn Owl thrilled my 11-yr-old granddaughter on Christmas Day.

Ratings out of 5: Quality 5, Design 5, Fun 5, Made in USA 5

My granddaughter is a magical Unicorn Princess, unicorn horn headband and all. Emily believes in Unicorns, in their magic, and what they represent to her…peaceful fairness and kindness to all. That is our Emily. She is kind and fair to all who know her. Truly a Unicorn Princess.

Unicorn Horn Headband by Brooklyn Owl

Brooklyn Owl sent me an email with a request to review their Unicorn Horn Headband. The timing was perfect because Christmas was just a few weeks away. Our granddaughter Emily loves Unicorns. “Unicorn” is the soccer name we use to cheer her on.

unicorn horn headbandEmily was very excited with her handmade sparkly Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn Headband and other unicorn gifts from Nana…as you can see for yourself in this picture taken on Christmas Day.

Christmas turned out to be a fantastic Unicorn Christmas for Emily. In addition to her new Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn and the items shown above, she received:

 unicorn horn headbandUnicorn Hooded Jacket, soft and cuddly complete with unicorn horn, ears, and tail from Cousins Ed and Michelle.
 unicorn horn headbandTwo Unicorns with Horns:

A Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn Princess holding her beautiful Plush Unicorn with gold horn from Justice.com from Mom and Dad.

Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Headband Review

I had planned on writing my review of Brooklyn Owl’s Unicorn Horn Headband after Christmas, but I decided to wait awhile. Emily’s two 11th birthday celebrations would be at the end of January and the middle of February. And you probably guessed it…Unicorns would be involved!

The pictures below will give you a better visual than my attempting to describe Emily’s love for all things Unicorn and some of her Unicorn decorations and gifts.

unicorn horn headbandOf course, Emily wore her Unicorn Horn Headband by Brooklyn Owl.
unicorn horn headbandUnicorn decorations were designed by Lisa Frank and ordered from Walmart.                 .
unicorn horn headbandHer ice cream cake was decorated with a beautiful Unicorn and rainbow, almost matching her Unicorn party decorations.

Many of her birthday gifts were gift cards and cash. Emily knew exactly what she wanted to do with it….spend it! She spent her birthday gifts on Unicorn themed items that she just had to have for her Unicorn collection.

 unicorn horn headbandUnicorn rainbow extensions, so pretty. Sorry, I didn’t capture Emily’s Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn Headband.
 unicorn horn headbandUnicorn Earflap Beanie from Justice – Unicorn Horn just like a Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn. Emily had a blast on her annual Mommy and Emily Birthday Outing to the Mall and Atlanta Bread.

She also shopped for Unicorn themed shirts, Unicorn watch, and Unicorn figurines.

And for her party with a dozen of her friends two weeks later, Emily chose to play laser tag.I think Emily has been the only Unicorn Princess to play laser tag, at Bounce About or anywhere.

Because a Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn is magical, a Unicorn Princess’ horn should never be touched while a Unicorn Princess is wearing it…even for her Poppy, the prankster.

About Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn Headband

*Brooklyn Owl is located in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Annie and her daughter Bee designed their first Unicorn Horn Headband when Bee was just 4 years old. Bee is now 8. Their Unicorn Horn Headband can be purchased in many colors and sizes…even for a horse Unicorn wannabe! On Brooklyn Owl’s website you can find more information as to where you can purchase your Unicorn Horn Headband, online and from many retailers throughout the USA and several other countries.

However I must tell you that, as stated above, I received the Brooklyn Owl Horn Headband worn by my granddaughter in exchange for a product review. As you can see, her excitement and wearing of the headband is for real…she wasn’t asked to model, just pose for pictures when she did. I must admit I was surprised to find her wearing her Unicorn Horn Headband at her laser tag party! As they say, “A picture are worth a thousand words.”