Dylan, our three-year-old grandchild, gave this preschool handprint poem gift to his daddy this past Father’s Day. I love the original handprint poem theme of a child seeing his father as a Super Hero. Adding one of Dylan’s favorite super heroes gives his handprint poem gift that extra special something. Dylan’s handprint poem is in a frame with Spiderman glued onto the glass after it is put together.

This Super Hero handprint poem can also be written to a grandfather for Father’s Day by simply changing a few of the words.

Super heroes can be women, too!

handprint poemOf course, this special father’s day gift does not have to be limited to just fathers and grandfathers. I would hope this would be edited for mothers and grandmothers also. Change the few words and super hero names for a special poem to your child’s special female super hero for Mother’s Day.

Can you name female super heroes? To be honest, I had to search for some, myself. There are more than enough from comics, video games, animation, and movies.

Girl Super Heroes (Super Heroines)

Sadly to say, I’m out of touch, but I do recognize these:

Catwoman from Catwoman, Batman Returns, The Dark Knight Rises;
Princess Leia Organa and Padme Amidala from Star Wars;
Batgirl from Batman and Robin;
She-Ra (and companions) from She-Ra: Princess of Power;
Princess Allura from Voltron;
Wonder Woman (do you know there is a Wonder Girl now?)

Can’t find an action figure for the handprint poem gift? Cut out a color picture, glue to cardstock and use a short strip of cardstock folded accordion style behind it for a similar effect.

If you are looking for a special keepsake handprint poem gift for Grandparent’s Day, this would be exciting for a child to help make for his grandparent(s), too!


handprint poem

Happy Grandparents Day! Grandparents Day has been celebrated each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation making it a National Grandparents Day.

Handprint poem gifts are always loved by grandparents. This one along with others I’ve posted in the past, hangs on our refrigerator door where we can see them every time we sit down to eat at our kitchen nook table. This handprint poem gift can be personalized with the grandparents’ favorite colors or use a combination of their favorite colors and the grandchild’s favorite colors. Laminate the handprint poem with magnets on the back or place it in a frame for grandparents to display for their pleasure.

To make this handprint poem extra special, place the grandchild’s picture on one palm and a picture of the grandparents with their grandchild on the palm of the other hand.

Dylan’s Super Hero

handprint poemDylan with his Super Hero Dad, our son.

To whom would your child or grandchild give the title of Super Hero?

May the force be with you…