Are you stumped on what Christmas gifts to buy for some of your favorite people? Have you thought about choosing environmentally friendly Christmas gifts this year? I’ve been seriously thinking about how I can help the environment and give meaningful gifts, too. One such way I recently blogged about was a Prepaid Credit Card – it helps lower your carbon footprint, saves on paper, and helps loved ones in this difficult economy.  Another Christmas gift that both helps the environment and brings joy to those who enjoy reading is a gift certificate for downloading eBooks.

eBooks Gifts

Giving the gift of eBooks saves trees and lowers your carbon footprint, too. eBooks are easy to download and easily accessible wherever you take your laptop or eBook reader. I download eBooks onto my laptop so my favorite ebooks are with me wherever and whenever I choose to read them since I always have my laptop available. The downside? I’m tempted to stray away from my work when I should seriously be focused on lesson plans or grading papers.

In fact, eBooks are on my Christmas wish list this year. They are affordable and the variety is extensive. No one can go wrong by giving me eBooks! Hint, Hint, family!

Here’s 5 eBooks on my wish list…

  • Top Secret Recipes Unlocked by Todd< Todd/li>
  • The 5 Essential People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts by Dale Carnegie Training
  • Last Words: A Memoir by George< Carlin/li>
  • 3rd Degree by James Patterson
  • Christmas Train by David Baldacci

Free eBooks

eBooks make for the perfect Christmas present. If you’re not sure about eBooks, try downloading free eBooks first then add them to your gift list this Christmas!