High school graduation is such an exciting time for our teens! They finally have the opportunity to be somewhat independent, and prove they can succeed…or at least try more on their own than they’ve been able to. For 13 years, some students have been under the too watchful eye of what teachers and counselors call “helicopter parents.” Now, these young adults, hopefully, have the chance to fly on their own…

High School Graduation Poem Request = Stressed!

Hearing the our high school principal was in need of a high school graduation poem, a colleague of mine volunteered my name. I was honored but also stressed, to say the least! My poem would be read at the high school graduation in front of the administration, parents, colleagues, and students. I gave it a try and what resulted was the following high school graduation poem, Thirteen Years, A High School Graduation Poem, for the Class of 2012.

I had hoped and expected the principal to politely decline once he read it, but to my surprise, he accepted and read my original high school graduation poem before 175 graduating seniors and many proud teachers, relatives and friends on a very, very hot and humid evening in June…on an astro turf football field.

Thirteen Years, A High School Graduation Poem

Thirteen years ago you walked into a new world.
As your parents secretly wished time would stand still,
You left the security of familiarity
Overwhelmed with a new set of emotions,
Not sure of what was in store for you…

Here you are once again, about to walk into a new world.
As your parents secretly wish time would stand still,
You leave the security of familiarity
Overwhelmed with a not so new set of emotions,
Not sure of what is in store for you….

As you turn your tassel,
Celebrate your accomplishments,
Remember your last days of school,
Remember those who wish you well,
Remember those who share your memories because
Time will move on and so must you.

Take with you our love, our support, and our encouragement.
Stay true to yourself and become the person you were meant to be.
But should you have a longing for the familiarity you left behind,
Whether next year or even thirteen years from now,
Know that you are always welcome in our halls
Because you hold a special place in our hearts.

© Barbara R Johnson

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