The role of flowers in the cycle of life. Flowers are the perfect sentiment for every occasion that we experience in the Circle of Life, from the birth of a child to the passing of a grandparent.

If there is an occasion, my husband (Poppy) is there with flowers. After dating for a week, he sent me two dozen roses. The roses were yellow because the florist ran out of red since it was the week of Christmas, so now the yellow rose holds great sentiment for me. Yellow roses evoke memories of important events in my 36 years of marriage to Poppy…our wedding, anniversaries, births of our children, birthdays, and sympathy for my father’s unexpected death.

The Role of Flowers in the Cycle of Life


Certainly you’ve enjoyed the beauty of flowers at weddings. Wedding flowers have always symbolized happiness. Perhaps the flowers chosen by the bride held special meaning for her and her your groom. My bouquet of soft white flowers was interspersed with yellow roses. My flower girl dropped yellow rose petals down the aisle as I approached my soon to be husband. The tradition of dropping petals as the bride walks towards her groom was to ensure a life of happiness…so far so good!

Also, the leaving of thank you gifts for the wedding guests originated with leaving floral nosegays on the table for each guest as a way to share the wedding couple’s happiness. When meeting with your wedding florist, ask about the meaning of wedding flowers that are used for bouquets and arrangements to make your floral displays more meaningful for you.

Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers? ~Maurice Maeterlinck


Whenever I have a birthday, I look forward to receiving birthday flowers from Poppy. Even though I know they’re coming, he surprises me with a different bouquet (but always with a few yellow roses) each birthday. Just as wedding flowers are associated with tradition and meanings, so are birthday flowers. Each of the twelve months has its own birthday flower with its own meaning.

My birth flower is the Rose which has been a symbol for love and passion (red) since the beginning of time. But it also represents beauty and perfection…a very romantic flower. The yellow rose represents warmth and friendship and if it has red tips, then it means falling in love. The white rose, of course, represents innocence and purity. If you really want to make an impressive statement, research the meanings of birthday flowers and create a mixed bouquet to fit your loved one’s personality or to express your feelings.


When words escape, flowers speak. ~ Bruce W. Currie

Sympathy flowers offer comfort to those that have lost a loved one. Also their beauty reminds us to celebrate the life of the deceased. When my mother-in-law passed away last month, friends and family provided floral arrangements instead of sending donations as requested. The viewing and grave site would have been so cold looking if it were not for the sympathy flowers. Our children and grandchildren expressed their love for Mom Mom with a large red heart encircled with a white ribbon with the words, “Mom Mom.” On the casket was a large white spray symbolizing the peace and tranquility of her passing.

Flowers – Important Symbols in the Cycle of Life

As the quotes express, flowers are an important part of our Circle of Life. They bring happiness, allow us to express our feelings, and celebrate life from the beginning through to the end.