Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids. Thanksgiving is this month, so since I wrote a Halloween alliteration poem last year, I thought it only right that I add Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids this year. If you and/or your class write an alliterative Thanksgiving poem(s), I will publish the Thanksgiving poems for you (first name and age for students, or how you would like to be recognized as an adult); send the poems to [email protected]. Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems for Kids

A Thankful Thanksgiving Day

Plenty of Pilgrims and Tribesmen
traveled to town today
telling tales of tasty trimmings,
toil and preparation…
potatoes, parsnips, and pumpkins…
turnips, tomatoes, and turkeys…
succotash, squash and stuffing…
mixed, mashed, and marinated…
gathered together with gratitude
strangers sitting side by side,

© 2010 Barbara R Johnson
~ ~

Gather with Grateful Hearts

Gather with Grateful Hearts
Family, friends, and foes;
Thankful thoughts for those
dearly departed
Pleasant praise for those
presently present

Gather grateful hearts
Family, friends, and foes
Troubled toil, happy harvest
Abundance abounds, festive feast

Gather Grateful Hearts
Family, friends, and foes
Share songs and stories
Thankful Thanksgiving

© 2016 Barbara R Johnson
~ ~

Turkey-Turtle Talk

Turkey tells turtle,
It’s time for a new Thanksgiving tasty treat…
Turtle stew in place of turkey soup.

Turtle tells turkey,
Thanksgiving traditional treats are best to keep…
Turkey soup stays, not turtle stew!

Farmer Fred tells Mrs. Mary,
I heard Turkey and Turtle talking about Thanksgiving…
Write a recipe for turkey-turtle soupy stew.

It’s time for a new thanksgiving treat!

© 2016 Barbara R Johnson
~ ~

It is time for new Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids.  To my readers, send me alliterative lines and I’ll put them together into new Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids! Anything Thanksgiving related…turkey, pilgrims, dinner, foods, family, being grateful, fun, games, fall…is good…but remember the alliteration! I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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