Teen Halloween Alliteration Poem | Headless Horseman Haunts

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Teen Halloween Alliteration Poem | Headless Horseman Haunts

A new Halloween alliteration poem for teens is here! Since I first posted alliteration examples, I’ve had many visitors seeking additional alliteration poems for teens. The vocabulary used in the Headless Horseman Haunts Halloween is at a level appropriate for high school students.

Teen Halloween Alliteration Poem

Because Halloween is almost here, I started a Halloween alliteration poem example using a Halloween theme. But, I’m having trouble finishing it so I need your help!  I’d like you to submit lines to help me finish this Halloween example of Halloween alliteration poems. Class submittals are welcome! If you submit your entry in the comment box, I’ll be sure to find it. Don’t forget to tell me your first names or class and school. Thank you for your help!

 Headless Horseman Haunts Halloween

The headless horseman heads for the

haunted house of Harry, Harriet, and Haddie

to happily haunt on Halloween.

Truly terrified  they tell their tale

of snakes slithering through pumpkin patches

perilously peeking between bountiful bales of hay

high above apple trees towering tall –

a silhouetted sight in the spooky sky.

 His galloping gait grabs the ground

while the westerly wind whistles

as the hounds’ harsh howls

piercingly penetrate the mist masking the magic

of the neverending nebulous night.

Harry, Harriet, and Haddie hold hands

as they hide hushed with heavy hearts

behind the big broad bed’s backboard

in the commodious corner contemplating and calculating

 an impending escape although an appraisal of the

scary situation seemingly shouted silent seriousness

of the maniacal malicious muted moment.

High on the hill, the Headless Horseman halted his horse…


(I hope you can help me finish this Halloween alliteration poem!
Send me your lines in the comment box below.)

© 2009 Barbara R Johnson ~ NanasCorner.com

Teen Halloween Alliteration Poem Vocabulary

In order to understand the Halloween alliteration poem, Headless Horseman Haunts Halloween, it is suggested that the following 15 words be defined, as needed.

  • slithering –
  • perilously –
  • bountiful –
  • silhouetted –
  • gait –
  • penetrate –
  • nebulous –
  • commodious –
  • contemplating –
  • calculating –
  • impending –
  • appraisal –
  • manical –
  • malicious –
  • muted –

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  1. rylan collins 2011/10/24 at 7:45 pm

    i think this story is excellent becaus it a halloween poem and i love halloween.

  2. carla 2011/04/28 at 2:50 am

    the poem is good and interesting

  3. carla 2011/04/28 at 2:47 am

    this poem isreally good

  4. nana 2009/11/18 at 9:20 pm

    Your alliteration contribution is great! Thanks for the help!!

  5. Hannah Willett 2009/11/18 at 2:49 pm

    love them here is mine: Hippie Hannah raises holstein,hogs, and horses at a hogan in hollywood with homeade honey at home during homecoming while eating honeycomb cereal in the hood of her car while being horribly horrified by howling hound dogs while being a hoyden!

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