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Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Nana’s Carrot Cake Recipe

For Easter, the grandchildren and I made Nana's Carrot Cake.  The grandkids helped me measure the recipe's ingredients and then threw them into a large bowl. They did a good job stirring it, too. Nana's Carrot Cake turned out delicious. Everyone came back for more. They said it was the best! Not only does the carrot cake taste yummy, it's good [...]

Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Grandparent Fitness

Grandparent fitness is increasingly important to help fight off heart and alzheimer's disease in addition to following a healthy diet.  If you are concerned about your health or the health of your parents or grandparents, why not join them in exercising. This may give you and them an incentive to get up, get out, and get [...]