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Awesome Halloween Party Music [Tweens]

Every Halloween Party needs awesome Halloween Party Music...and not just any music will do. Kidz Bop has produced a group of fun Halloween party music on their CD Kidz Bop Halloween Party. Shhh, don't tell my grandkids that I just received KidzBop Halloween Party Music CD. I'm going to surprise [...]

New Fun, Interactive Website for Grandparents and Grandchildren Together

Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Here is a new fun, safe website for both grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy together no matter how far apart you are...whether in the next room or in another state or country. Read this article about how grandparents and grandchildren can interact together with the new website, Grandparent Games...

New Fun, Safe Website for Grandchildren: Ziggity Zoom

Grandparents, I have a new fun, safe website for you to visit together with your grandchildren! Ziggity Zoom,  a children's fun and educational site, is launching their new site this weekend. If you have grandchildren in the 2 - 8 age group, you'll love Ziggity Zoom! The creators have included original characters, fun [...]