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Toddler Beds | When Is The Right Time To Start?

Our two-year-old grandson, Luke, is now sleeping in hiw own toddler bed! Now his parents (and grandparents) don't have to worry about his climbing out of his crib which could result in serious injury. Using a toddler bed is a wonderful way to transition your toddler into sleeping in a [...]

Ask Nana: How Do I Get My Kids to Pick Up Their Things?

Getting kids to pick up their toys and clothes without a battle has been an ongoing challenge for parents throughout time.  I know it was in our home...times three! I've been asked many times for how to approach this topic with minimal conflict.  To offer the best parenting advice, I've [...]

How to Know My Baby is Sick?

I remember years ago when we first brought our first born home. It was the middle of April and the temperature was in the 80's. The nurse had given us a bottle of water for our baby girl to take with us because of the heat. We arrived home, the [...]

Tips on Managing Media in Children’s Lives

How many forms of media are your children experiencing each day? How many electronic gadgets do your children use that allow your them easy access to outside influences? Have you taken an inventory lately? Kids and Media Consumption With the recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which showed that [...]

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Ocean County, NJ

This happening for grandparents raising grandchildren came to my attention just today. I hope it isn't too late for grandparents raising grandchildren living in the Toms River, Ocean County, area of New Jersey... PROJECT  T.A.L.K.  PRESENTS "Grandfamilies of America" "Experience the Journey: A Tribute to Caregivers" Are you a grandparent raising a [...]