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New Year’s Poem for a Better Year | Please Share

When I read a New Year's poem I found this week in The Illustrated Treasury of Poetry for Children, edited by David Ross, I knew I needed to share the poem with you all. Since it is New Year's Eve as I begin...and now New Year's Day as I finish [...]

Fun Poems: A New Year’s Diet Poem

Happy New Year is Code for Tomorrow We Diet Time for a New Year's Diet Poem. Here it is New Year's Eve. That means it's that time again...tomorrow I start my New Year's Diet...again! I've just been to the market to pick up some appetizers and a couple of desserts [...]

Happy New Year, a poem by JA Heitmueller

The New Year is soon to ring in thoughts of what new beginnings...and endings...are before us and hopes that those we love and hold dear stay safe and healthy in our lives for a very long time.  Happy New Year, a poem by Jane-Ann Heitmueller, is a lovely poem that [...]

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12 Inspirational New Years Poems

Inspirational New Years Poem - one for each month. It's time to find inspiration and make our New Years resolutions...again! I know I need motivation and inspiration to make my resolutions list and then to follow through with my New Years resolutions long enough for them to become a new [...]