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Nana Can’t Be With You

  Original Bereavement Poem from Deceased Grandmother While thinking back on my mother-in-law's funeral and how it affected our children and grandchildren, I began wondering what parting message I would want to leave for those grieving my death. Our daughter Kari wrote a lovely funeral poem that I have shared [...]

Grandchild, Nana Would Love You Just the Same

Nana to Grandchild Poem A very short Nana to grandchild poem telling her grandchild no matter what, Nana would love just the same. Grandmothers give unconditional love. Children who have close, supportive grandmothers and grandfathers tend to be more successful in working through life's challenges. In today's society, both parents [...]

Nana’s Passing Anniversary Poem

When a grandparent passes, we show our grief in many different ways because we are different from one another. Nana is a special poem, not because it is entitled Nana, but because my mother-in-law, mother of 5, grandmother of 10, great-grandmother of 11, and great-great-grandmother of 4, will soon pass onto Heaven. Because she suffers from Alzheimers, [...]

Nana and Grandad Poem from Grandchild

Nana and Grandad My Nana and my Grandad They really are the best And when they give me cuddles I know that I am blessed We have lots of fun together We like to laugh and play They always make me smile And can chase the grumps away They’re always [...]