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St. Patrick’s Day Alliteration Poem | Little Leprechauns Alliteration Poem

St. Patrick's Day alliteration poem...Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you lads and lassies...and little leprechauns, too! As sure as there are leprechauns to make a wish come true, tis nothing but the happiest of days I’m wishing you. ST. PATRICK'S DAY ALLITERATION POEM Do you know why we wear green [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Alliteration Examples

St. Patrick's Day Alliteration Examples. Happy St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate, create your own St. Patrick's Day alliteration examples to share with your class. I've written two St. Patrick's Day alliteration examples to help you write your own. Here is a challenge: Write an Irish limerick using alliteration and share it [...]

Leprechaun Poems | St. Patrick’s Day Poems

St. Patrick's Day Poems | 6 Leprechaun Poems We must have leprechaun poems for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. Enjoy these 6 fun St. Patrick's Day Poems with your children, grandchildren, or students. I've included a mini lesson plan. Leprechaun Poems and Activities/Mini Lesson Young children have such great [...]