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ADHD and ADD in Children | What are the Differences?

ADHD and ADD Diagnosis A child will not be diagnosed with an Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder unless they exhibit 6 or more of the 18 characteristics in two settings associated with ADHD or ADD. (ADHD and ADD differences and similarities are discussed below.) Please know, [...]

Does my grandchild have a learning disability?

By becoming actively involved in your grandchild's school, grandparents raising grandchildren can help their grandchild adjust to the new environment, get to know the teachers, and keep up to date with academic and emotional progress. Learning Disabilities Warning Signs But, even with your ongoing involvement to help with the transition, [...]

Grandchildren and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Children Nana Finds information for grandparents raising grandchildren on the after-affects a traumatic experience can have on grandchildren. Often times, grandparents are raising grandchildren because of a traumatic experience that occurred in their grandchildren's life, such as witnessing a violent act, physical or sexual abuse, [...]