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St. Patrick’s Day Alliteration Examples

St. Patrick's Day√ā¬†Alliteration Examples. Happy St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate, create your own St. Patrick's Day alliteration examples to share with your class. I've written two St. Patrick's Day alliteration examples to help you write your own. Here is a challenge: Write an Irish limerick using alliteration and share it [...]

Irish Poems: 20 Irish Blessings

20 Irish Blessings for St. Patrick's Day to carry with you everyday throughout the year. Share Irish blessings to express friendship and inspiration on St. Patrick's Day or when friends and loved ones need words of kindness and encouragement. I love how the Irish blessings give one the feeling that [...]

4 Irish Blessings | St. Patrick’s Day

My Irish Ancestors Were Truly Blessed I'm thankful for Irish blessings, for those who immigrated to America had to have been blessed. Both sets of my mother's grandparents were born in Ireland, back in the 1850's and immigrated to America when they were very young children. The ship was [...]