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4 Special Valentines | DIY Chocolate Lovers Valentines

Special Valentines Do children still make special Valentines for their grandparents, parents, friends, and teachers? I'm wondering because Valentines seem to be so over commercialized. Last weekend I walked into a card store with my grandchildren. There, of course, in the center of the entrance was a large display [...]

3 Grandparents Handmade Valentines | Valentine Poem

Grandparents' handmade valentines and Valentine Poem. The best Valentines grandparents receive are the Valentines that their grandchildren made themselves...at least for us, they are! I don't think any grandparent would disagree. As my children can attest to, they'll tell you I'm sentimental and love a poem in my Valentine...so...I've [...]

Handmade Heart Cards

Pattern-blade (scrapbooking) scissors give a different twist to popular heart shapes, while pretty trims like heart candies and ribbon roses finish off these heart cards that say "Handmade with Love." Note: Refer to the illustrations when following the directions for the Candy Heart and Button Heart Cards: Candy Heart Card [...]