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8 Spooky Spuds Idaho Potato Halloween Treats

8 Spooky Spuds Idaho Potato Halloween Treats disguised as creepy critters, spooktacular ghosts, mummy heads.... Hauntingly delicious for trick-or-treaters! Spooky Spuds Idaho Potato Halloween Treats are certain to put any trick-or-treater in the Halloween spirit. Your super heroes, goblins, princesses, and witches will be so distracted by these yummy Halloween treats they won't know [...]

Halloween Party Treats: Soup, Sandwich, and Dessert

Having the grandchildren over for Trick or Treating or visiting on a day close to Halloween? Are you short on time for preparing Halloween party treats to serve them? Or, do you enjoy cooking with children? Here are sandwich, soup, and spooky ghost dessert Halloween party treats that will be [...]