Halloween Costumes

9 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween just a week away, are you still looking for cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas, especially homemade Halloween costume ideas? According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, the typical American shopper will spend about $10 less this Halloween compared to the previous year more than [...]

5 Funny Halloween Costumes [DIY]

The following 5 funny Halloween costumes, with a touch of original added, are very easy to put together and will bring laughs from all those that you meet on Halloween, even the scary skeletons, witches, and goblins! Easy instructions for the 5 funny Halloween costumes follow for: Chest of Drawers [...]

18 Easy Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas [Recycled]

cardboard Halloween costume ideas Think outside the box! Get creative, recycle cardboard - 18 fun-to-make, easy cardboard Halloween costume ideas for a great family Halloween project. Designing Halloween costumes is a great family project. Be sure to let everyone have some creative freedom in designing their own easy [...]

20 Simple Teen DIY Costume Ideas [Halloween]

simple DIY Halloween costumes The creative, simple teen DIY costume ideas the high school students parade throughout the day to celebrate Halloween always amazed me. Very few of the Halloween costumes were purchased. If time is short, you might find a last minute funny Halloween costume ideas in Halloween [...]