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Halloween Cookie Recipes: Bloodshot Eyeballs, Spiders, and Funny Bugs

Did you make the Spooky Ghost Cookies shown in the picture with your older grandchildren yet to add to their Halloween fun? For your younger grandchildren, here are 3 quick and easy Halloween cookies to make. They really are creepy and yummy, too! With your grandchildren, you can make Bloodshot [...]

6 Fun Halloween Poems for Children

Six fun Halloween poems for children are about trick-or-treating and Halloween night. When my grandchildren visit on Halloween, after we all go trick-or-treating, we read Halloween poems or stories. The following 6 Halloween poems for children are enjoyable and help to keep the excitement going. If you don't live close to [...]

Grandparents Day Legacy Project Activity Kit

Grandparents Day Legacy Project Activity Kit. If you haven't visited The Legacy Project's website, you should. There is an intergenerational Grandparents Day Legacy Project activity kit with many activities for grandparents and grandchildren to do together. The Grandparents Day activity kit has ideas and tips to bring grandparents and grandchildren closer together. [...]

Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Together Advantages

Why are More Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Together Grandparents and grandchildren living together advantages are perfect for this economy. The following article came to my attention through recently. I thought it might be of interest to many of my visitors thinking about asking their grandchildren to move in with them. The URL for [...]