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Grandma’s Old Cookbook, a poem

What do you remember Grandma's cookbook? I recently received a grandma's cookbook poem shown below from one of my poetry contributors. So many memories came back to me about my grandma, just as it did for my children when I showed it to them. My children remember their grandma's old cookbook, worn [...]

Grandparents Gifts From Grandchildren | Visiting Poem for Grandparents

Original Grandparents Gifts From Grandchildren Grandparents gifts from grandchildren can be just the right gifts for grandparents who love visiting with their grandchildren. An original framed poem gift can be a special way of sharing fond memories of visits with the grandchildren. Those special moments can be among the best [...]

Old Grandma Shoes Poem

This poem is for every baby-boomer grandma - it just shows how, if you wait long enough, fashion repeats itself. Except, in some cases we get lucky enough to miss it the second time around! Old Grandma Shoes I can still picture my Nana's shoes as if it were yesterday when [...]