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7 Precious National Grandparents Day Gifts from Grandchildren

Looking for National Grandparents Day Gifts from grandchildren for loving grandparents and those who care for you as though they are? Precious Moments has just what you're looking for. Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in this post, but the opinions are my own.  Loving National Grandparents Day Gifts [...]

Easter Gift Ideas | Precious Moments Gift Ideas

Easter Gift Ideas for Grandchildren and Children Precious Moments carefully designs Easter gift ideas. They truly know what Easter gifts will bring a smile to our hearts, no matter what might be our age. I've chosen a few Precious Moments Easter gift ideas that include figurines and a beautiful Exclusive [...]

Awesome 8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Wish List

8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Popular Through the Years Awesome 8-year-old girl Christmas gifts for your list for an awesome girl? Christmas is approaching fast and Christmas sales are happening - it's time for this grandmother to get organized to take advantage of the early Christmas sales before [...]

Give the Gift of an Experience

Jekinson's Aquarium, Pt. Pleasant, NJ Instead of giving a gift that may last but a short time, give the gift of an experience. It will last a lifetime with the wonderful memories you'll create together. Give an experience you can share with your grandchildren. The gift of an experience is a [...]