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Kohls Free Giveaway: Go Green instead of Red on Valentine’s Day

NanasCorner's first free giveaway! I'm very proud to team up with Kohl's this Valentine's Day to help promote the 10th anniversary of Kohl's Care for Kids program.  As you'll read below, Kohl's was chosen number one on Newsweek's 2009 list of green retailers and to celebrate both, Kohl's will ship [...]

Halloween: Go Green for Halloween

The Green Year, by Jodi Helmer...for every day of the year, there is a simple, inexpensive activity that will help us make important changes...easy green ways we can help the environment in preparation for Halloween. Here is a brief listing of those green Halloween ideas...

Grandparents and Grandchildren Activity: Green Living Video Contest

I've found a fun green living activity you can enjoy with your grandchildren creating a 3-minute video that promotes helping the environment. The possibility of winning the grand prize of $5,000 just adds to the fun and excitement! Have you taught and encouraged your grandchildren to do things to save [...]