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Irish Poems: 20 Irish Blessings

20 Irish Blessings for St. Patrick's Day to carry with you everyday throughout the year. Share Irish blessings to express friendship and inspiration on St. Patrick's Day or when friends and loved ones need words of kindness and encouragement. I love how the Irish blessings give one the feeling that [...]

Happy New Year, a poem by JA Heitmueller

The New Year is soon to ring in thoughts of what new beginnings...and endings...are before us and hopes that those we love and hold dear stay safe and healthy in our lives for a very long time.  Happy New Year, a poem by Jane-Ann Heitmueller, is a lovely poem that [...]

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Celebrate Your Girlfriends and Sisters

August 1 is National Girlfriend and Sister's Day! But any day can be a day to celebrate friends, so take the time to send this to all your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, and girlfriends in an email such as I was fortunate to receive today from my true girlfriends. It [...]

Friendship Poems, Quotes, Bracelets, and Bread Recipe

Friendship poems and friendship quotes are a great way of letting your friends know how much you appreciate their loyal, supportive, never ending friendship. Include a friendship poem, friendship recipe, or friendship quote in an invitation to spend the day together visiting antique stores, getting pampered at a spa, play [...]