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3 Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems for Kids

Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids. Thanksgiving is this month, so since I wrote a Halloween alliteration poem last year, I thought it only right that I add Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids this year. If you and/or your class write an alliterative Thanksgiving poem(s), I will publish the Thanksgiving poems [...]

Alliteration Games | 6 Games to Learn Alliteration

Need new games for car rides or other times when you need to quietly keep your grandkids entertained? Playing alliteration games is one fun way we've found that will do just that! We enjoy playing alliteration games with our grandchildren during the rides back and forth between our homes. The rides [...]

Alliteration Poem: The Tutor

This alliteration poem, The Tutor, is fun to recite quickly. As part of the music curriculum, third graders in New Jersey are taught to toot their flutes or recorders as they are called in the schools. The students are also learning alliteration poems. This time of year, children can be [...]

Examples of Alliteration: 20 Tongue Twisters and 7 Fun Activities

The following examples of alliteration used in the 20 tongue twisters and 7 activities are fun, although not easy, to recite. Alliteration and Tongue Twisters Alliteration adds descriptive images to however it is associated with. Examples of alliteration can be found in titles, names, and brands. The reason alliteration is used [...]