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National Parks Week: 3 Ways to Enjoy – Air Wick, Disney, Honest Tea

National Parks Week To celebrate National Parks Week, all 401 National Parks have free admission and events planned. Can you name the names of the 401 National Parks? I certainly can't, and if I did then this post would be too long. If I've peaked your curiousity, the National Park [...]

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Earth Day: 4 Children’s Book Reviews

Earth Day evolved from a culmination of many individuals who followed their heart and instincts when they realized change was necessary to save our planet, some started as children. Each one took a chance and embarked on nature's paths so that others could follow in their footsteps, paying it forward to save [...]

Earth Day and Arbor Day Poems: What Do We Plant When We Plant the Tree

Celebrate the environment with Earth Day and Arbor Day Poems and by planting one tree...or more! Trees help us more than give us shade on hot days. Trees help clean the air, provide habitats for birds, squirrels, and more, hold the ground so it won't wash away, and help keep [...]