Cooking with Children

6 Creepy Halloween Snacks for Kids [Easy Recipes]

Making Halloween snacks for kids with kids during time together provides a great opportunity for grandparents, parents, and kids to make and share memories. Halloween is such a fun holiday for all of us, no matter the age. It's a wonderful time to create fun, long lasting memories. If the children are too [...]

Rice Crispy Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Cooking with children helps the young ones feel included in the adult driven Easter preparations. Cooking with grandchildren helps create a stronger bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Cooking with children can be a lot of fun if carefully planned. Be mindful of temperatures. Either allow time to cool the mixture [...]

Halloween Party Treats: Soup, Sandwich, and Dessert

Having the grandchildren over for Trick or Treating or visiting on a day close to Halloween? Are you short on time for preparing Halloween party treats to serve them? Or, do you enjoy cooking with children? Here are sandwich, soup, and spooky ghost dessert Halloween party treats that will be [...]