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Alliteration Examples: Spring Alliteration Poem

Sunny Spring Sun shining Green grass growing Flowers fragrantly flowing Robins returning Chickadees chirping Bouncing backyard balls Swings sky sailing Drops dripping down Warm winds winding Kids' kites colliding Children chasing children Playgrounds, parks populated Sunny spring shining  ~ by Nana @ ~ © 2011 Barbara R Johnson

Children’s Spring Poems | 6 March Poems

Children's Spring Poems are spring poems for the month of March. March can be a temperamental lady. Her moods can blow one way or the other. One day she is warm, the next cold. She may shed her tears down on Earth, saddened by the end of her friend, Winter. [...]

22 Spring Poems for Children | Spring Poems for Young Kids

Spring Poems for children. Read Spring Poems with your children, students, or grandchildren this Spring. Spring ~ Wondrously February withdraws to warm March with a golden glow from Spring’s shining sun sent down to lead the way for April’s soothing showers soon to bring fragrant flowers and dance on May’s blossoming bounty. ~ by ~ In our Springtime Garden ~ What a lovely time of year, time of year, time of year, What a lovely time of year, in our springtime garden See the flowers swing and sway, swing and sway, swing and sway, See the flowers swing and sway, in our springtime garden. ~ Author Unknown ~