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Fun Valentine Love Poems for Kids

Children love fun Valentine Love Poems for Kids.  Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to introduce kids from toddlers to tweens and beyond to enjoy and have fun with poetry. Below, you will find a collection of fun love poems and sayings for a chid's Valentine Day celebration. Share these Valentine love poems with [...]

Internal Rhyme Poems: The Christmas Elf Meets the Christmas Mouse

Christmas Elf Poem Merry Christmas to you! The Christmas Elf Meets the Christmas Mouse is an original Christmas poem I wrote using internal rhyme. At the end of The Christmas Elf Meets the Christmas Mouse are a few questions that are meant to be used to open a dialogue [...]

Classic Poems for Grandkids | 3 Children’s Poems about Robin Redbreast

Two wonderful poems to read with grandchildren are the classic poem by William Allinghamn, Robin Redbreast and the Mother Goose nursery rhyme that follows, The Robin. After reading these classic poems, ask your grandchildren, "How will Robin Redbreast survive when winter arrives?" I'm sure they will have some creative solutions! Then seize the opportunity [...]

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22 Spring Poems for Children | Spring Poems for Young Kids

Spring Poems for children. Read Spring Poems with your children, students, or grandchildren this Spring. Spring ~ Wondrously February withdraws to warm March with a golden glow from Spring’s shining sun sent down to lead the way for April’s soothing showers soon to bring fragrant flowers and dance on May’s blossoming bounty. ~ by ~ In our Springtime Garden ~ What a lovely time of year, time of year, time of year, What a lovely time of year, in our springtime garden See the flowers swing and sway, swing and sway, swing and sway, See the flowers swing and sway, in our springtime garden. ~ Author Unknown ~

Children’s Garden Poem with Children’s Gardening Tips Directory

Children's Garden Poem and Projects If you are looking for an ongoing activity to do with grandchildren, why not learn a children's garden poem, My Spring Garden, and plan a child-friendly garden together! A children's garden is a wonderful recycle and reuse project to celebrate Earth Day. It is also [...]