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Short Spring Alliteration Poems | 9 Alliteration Examples

Short Spring Alliteration Poems collection welcomes Spring and says goodbye to Winter. My collection of nine original short Spring alliteration poems celebrates the changes that Spring, the season of birth and awakening, brings. I hope you will share these 9 Spring Alliteration Poems with young children, tweens, teens, and beyond. [...]

Alliteration Poem: The Tutor

This alliteration poem, The Tutor, is fun to recite quickly. As part of the music curriculum, third graders in New Jersey are taught to toot their flutes or recorders as they are called in the schools. The students are also learning alliteration poems. This time of year, children can be [...]

3 Alliterative Sports Poems Put You In The Exciting Moment

3 Sports poems: cheerleading poem, basketball poem, baseball poem, all create visual and sensory impressions for the reader through use of alliteration. Sports Poems: Cheerleading, Basketball, Baseball Just as sports are fun for both boys and girls, poetry can be fun also. Both boys and girls can enjoy the following [...]