summer alliteration poem

Summer is a season that provides many opportunities for writing original poems using alliteration.

Writing a Summer Alliteration Poem

After spending a sunny summer week at the shore, spending time walking on the sizzling sand and watching my family maneuver the waves, the following summer alliteration poem came to my mind’s eye. Alliteration in poetry is used to create a feeling or a picture by accentuating descriptive words. The alliteration used in the poem just seemed to fall into place for me.  (I think the scary part is left over from the scariest park ride I went on with my 9 year old granddaughter.)

Sizzling Summer Alliteration Poem

Sizzling summer sand

shines under the setting summer sun.

A statuesque shadow suspended high

shades the summer sky as it

sends shivers along a swimmer’s spine,

while unsuspecting bathers splash and swim.

The sunset stretches across the shore

as the scary shadow slips

beneath the salty sea

leaving sunken sounds unheard.

~ by Nana ~

© 2010 Barbara R Johnson

As you read this poem, what did you picture the “scary shadow” to be? For me, it was that ride I mentioned. It was a large pirate ship that rocked up and down until you were looking straight down to the water below! Never again!