Spring poems for kids help children to learn about the season. Spring is such a fun time of the year to celebrate. It’s a colorful season full of rebirth. After a cold winter, Spring brightens the soul…and kids can get out to play.

5 Short Spring Poems for Kids

Everyday nature is showing us her new gifts for us to enjoy. Crocuses, daffodils, tulips, bushes and trees all budding with new growth. The sun is warmer and brighter, the days are longer, each giving us more chances for outdoor fun!

I’ve written 5 short Spring Poems for Kids to enjoy with young children. After reading the 5 spring poems for kids to children, have them do this fun art activity and share:

  • draw a picture of what they “see” when they hear the poem.
  • compare drawings…did they see the same thing?

I’d love for the children to share their Children’s Spring Poems pictures with me for posting on NanasCorner.com.

5 Spring Poems for Kids

Spring Poems #1

Swaying breezes
warm Spring’s new day,
April’s soft showers
wake sleeping flowers…
announcing Spring has arrived!

Spring Poems #2

To every girl and boy,
mom and dad,
grandparents too,
get out and play…
there’s so much to do.
Enjoy the day!
Run and jump,
take a walk,
climb up and up.
skip and hop,
play with chalk,
’til it’s time to stop.
Get up, get out, enjoy!

Spring Poems #3

Sing of spring and summer sun
when tulips tilt towards the sun
and daffodils dance, as rabbits run.

Spring Poems #4

To every girl and boy,
come outside, share the joy
on this fun and shiny day
come out today, sing and play.
Strike up a marching band
explore mysterious lands,
be a pirate, monster, or a princess, too…
do whatever is fun for you!

Spring Poems #5

The sunshine came out today
chasing the snowmen away
as warm soft breezes
free winter’s wren
from her long and bitter freezes.

Barbara R Johnson

Happy Spring! Don’t forget to share your favorite Spring Poems with us…