Short Spring Alliteration Poems collection welcomes Spring and says goodbye to Winter.

My collection of nine original short Spring alliteration poems celebrates the changes that Spring, the season of birth and awakening, brings.

I hope you will share these 9 Spring Alliteration Poems with young children, tweens, teens, and beyond.

Have a spectacular Spring!

9 Spring Alliteration Poems

How will find alliteration? What will you look for? (Words beginning with the same sounds that are next to or in the same group of words. They do not need to start with the same letter…just the same sound, or close to the same sound. Look at line 2 in Spring Poem #1.)

Spring Poem #1


Dancing daisies, dandelions, and daffodils,
swaying in sync, sing a song in celebration of Springs’
beautiful blanket of bountiful blossoming buds as buzzing bees
delicately dance from flower to flower.

Spring Poem #2

Sunny Spring

Sun shining
Green grass growing
Flowers fragrantly flowing
Robins returning
Chickadees chirping
Bouncing backyard balls
Swings sky sailing
Drops dripping down
Warm winds winding
Kids’ kites colliding
Children chasing children
Playgrounds, parks populated
Sunny spring shining

Spring Poem #3


Convivial concerts of
red breasted robins and
boisterous blue birds
bring happiness to all who behold.

Spring Poem #4


Wondrously February withdraws to
warm March with a golden glow
from Spring’s shining Sun sent
down to lead the way
for April’s soothing showers,
soon to bring fragrant flowers and
dance on May’s blossoming bounty.

Spring Poem #5


Flora and fauna,
nature’s rainbow
awakens among
winter’s gracious greens,
pastel pinks,
ruby reds,
willowy whites…
branches bending beneath
streams of sunlight shining
through cottony clouds.

Spring Poem #6

Basketballs tapped in
anticipation of the next play
now replaced with balls and bats
connecting continuously
hoping to become the next Babe.

Spring Poem #7

popcorn! peanuts!
clowns in the crowd
laughing ladies
giggling girls
beaming boys
magical men
agile acrobats
sensational circus!

Spring Poem #8

The sounds of Spring awaken,
alive with the rebirth of
nature’s natural rhythms.


Spring Poem #9

Spring weather wakes building borders, but
Society censures a creative culture of
Artists, those arguably political planters of
graffiti growing on concrete canvases.

all poems © 2012 Barbara R Johnson
~ ~

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