Mother’s Day is a wonderful family day for us. After sharing homemade cards displaying a short Mother’s Day poem – some are included in the 10 short Mother’s Day poems below, we enjoy great food, play games, and remember mothers and grandmothers no longer with us. Reminiscing about the good times adds even more meaning to Mother’s Day.

Now that I am our family’s Matriarch, I don’t have to do the cooking so I’m able to enjoy more time with my kids and grandkids. It’s very nice being waited on! That’s all the gift I need on Mother’s Day…having time to spend with my family without the distraction of the kitchen.

One thought I’d like to add…expressing love for your mother or grandmother has much more meaning when it is shared for no special reason at all…just saying…

Short Mother’s Day Poem Gift

An inexpensive, yet sentimental, gift that every mother would enjoy is a meaningful poem given from the heart. Choosing a special poem to express love and appreciation is a Mother’s Day gift that can’t miss.

How to make a Mother’s Day poem gift:

  • Choose one of the 10 short Mother’s Day poems below;
  • Print your poem on pink cardstock (or her favorite color);
  • Add an attractive frame to preserve the poem.

….so Mom can enjoy her Mother’s Day poem keepsake for years to come.

Find Short Mother’s Day Poems to choose from…

Short Mother’s Day Poems #1

Mother’s Day

The kindest face I’ll ever see,
The kindest voice I’ll ever hear.
The one who cares the most for me
Is my own mother dear.

All through the year
I’ll try to do
The things that show
My love for you.
And not be happy just to say,
“I love you, Mother,” on Mother’s Day.

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #2

Mother Dear

Take an angel from the sky
And send her down this way.
Then send some little boys and girls
To keep her company.
Then fill her heart
With Mother love,
Give her a smile of cheer.
And you’ll have a kind of Mother
Just like my Mother, dear.

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #3

Mothers and Daughters

We’re daughters and mothers
Not so long ago.
We give and take
And take and give
Along time’s endless row.
Love is passed
And love received
To be passed on again:
A precious heirloom
Twice, twice blessed,
A spiritual cardigan.

I’ll put it on
And treasure it,
The me I have received,
And when the roles
Reverse again,
I’ll have what I most need.

So may our love
Go on and on,
A hundred thousand years;
Mothers and daughters,
Daughters and mothers,
Through joys and other tears.

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #4


Mom’s smiles can brighten any moment,
Mom’s hugs put joy in all our days,
Mom’s love will stay with us forever
and touch our lives in precious ways…

The values you’ve taught,
the care you’ve given,
and the wonderful love you’ve shown,
have enriched my life
in more ways than I can count.

I Love you Mom!

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #5

The Sweetest Mother

Our mother is the sweetest and
Most delicate of all.
She knows more of paradise
Than angels can recall.
She’s not only beautiful
But passionately young,
Playful as a kid, yet wise
As one who has lived long.

Her love is like the rush of life,
A bubbling, laughing spring
That runs through all like liquid light
And makes the mountains sing.

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #6

Always Mom

You were my fairy tale princess,
So much larger than life.
You were my angel and my witness
Through all my pain and strife.
At times you made me angry,
Great words I would proclaim
How someday you’d be sorry.
You were the one to blame.
But when I needed comforting
You alway found the time.
Your words were more soothing
Than days of childhood sublime.
Now the distance holds us apart,
The boundaries have no end.
I’ll hold the memories in my heart.
You’re my mother, my best friend

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #7

When God Planted His Garden

When the wise God planted His garden,
scattering the seeds from above,
The choicest seed in His packet
Was the flower of Mother-love.
Carefully watched o’er and tended,
Nurtured by sunshine and shower,
Ever growing sturdy and stronger,
It blooms-a beautiful flower.
A flower so sweet and entrancing,
Dazzling and shining and white,
A love that guards us and guides us
Through hfe~our beacon light.
A love that steadies our footsteps,
That stretches a helpful hand,
That comforts our sorrows and heartaches,
That always will understand.
Mother-love, God’s gift to His children,
With heavenly fragrance fraught;
The brightest flower in God’s garden,
His truest forget-me-not.

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #8

God Created Mothers

God knew that little ones need love
so He created mothers
With understanding hearts and
gentle hands that care for others…

They feed us and they hug us
and they help us find our things…
Then later on, they step aside
and let us try our wings…

We know they’re always on our side
whatever may befall,
That’s why we need them just as much
when we’re no longer small…

Yes, God created mothers
to give love their whole lives through…
That’s why they’re treasured very much
especially one like you!

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #9

My Mommy Cuddles Me

My mommy cuddles me
kisses me, hugs me and misses me
pampers me, praises me, always
amazes me
Washes my clothes for me,
tickles my toes for me,
giggles and talks with me,
and also goes on walks with me,
Says “sweet dreams” to me,
Sings sweet songs to me,
I am glad she belongs to me.

~ Author Unknown ~

Short Mother’s Day Poems #10

A Mother is Loving

You are special and loving,
and the closest part of my Heart.
You’re an epitome of Love and kindness,
and so special…
There’s no one like a Mother and
no Mother quite like you.
You are so very thoughtful and caring,
and I just want to thank you Mother,
for making my life brighter.

~ Author Unknown ~

Share your favorite short Mother’s Day poems below to share with these 10 Mother’s Day poems?