Safety on the Web

Safety on the Web should be a top priority for parents and grandparents today…everyday. No matter how diligent parents (or grandparents) are in monitoring their children’s interactions online, they cannot be aware 100 percent of the time. It’s just impossible.

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How Kids Can Stay Safe On the Web

My oldest granddaughter will be turning 9 in a few weeks. She has a Facebook account. But, before you shake your head or click your tongue (tsk tsk), let me tell you that her parents have taken every precaution to limit her use…to keep her safe.  K’s Facebook account is totally private and her mom is a “friend” under an unknown (to her friends) account so she can login at any time to check for appropriateness. Only good friends are allowed to be her Facebook friends.  K can only use the computer when her parents are near. She knows to let them know if something unusual occurs.

I’m recommending to my daughter and son-in-law that they take K’s web safety one step further by signing up for a account. They know there is peer pressure that eventually may influence my granddaughter’s online behavior or she may be bullied online if a “friend” turns on her or a predator may somehow connect with her. It’s never too early to start monitoring a child’s online activities. Do you know 42% of kids surveyed report being bullied online? It begins in school and the social sites enable bullies to continue. I’m sure you’ve heard of the terrible outcomes of children being bullied online.

Once a SafetyWeb account is set up, SafetyWeb monitors online public information connected to each registered child. The program also alerts parents immediately to new accounts or changes to existing accounts. I like this safety site because they also go the next step by continuously updating their blog for the sole purpose of educating parents to the dangers of the web. Because the developers of are experienced in social site development and have worked with law enforcement, they are able to keep ahead of those that may prey on teens and even those younger jeopardizing their safety on the web.

Grandparents Can Help with Web Safety, Too!

If your grandchild’s parents are agreeable, you as the grandparent can open an account and monitor your grandchild’s online activities for safety’s sake. It’s good to know there are safety sites on the web to help us keep our grandchildren safe.