Have you been searching the web for companies that provide safe, non-toxic, lead free toys, games, and other children’s items? How successful have you been?  Just as you have been searching, I have been too. I’ve recently come across a company that has the strictest safety requirements for the children’s products it sells through their online store. The store is Magic Cabin.

Since Magic Cabin’s beginnings nearly 20 years ago, they have been dedicated to finding unique toys, games, and crafts that will enrich children’s lives by encouraging open-ended, creative, imaginative play. Their search for exceptional products takes them all over the world. And every toy—no matter its country of origin—is submitted to the same stringent safety testing.

Magic Cabin’s Product Safety and Quality Assurance Team works closely with their Merchandise Team to analyze each prospective toy’s safety from every possible angle before it can be considered for inclusion in the catalog. Their Quality Assurance associates are all members of the American Society for Quality and regularly review Federal and State requirements to make sure their testing standards conform to the most current mandated regulations. 

Magic Cabin requires that every product be tested to the most rigorous criteria of the American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM F963) and the Code of Federal Regulations (16 CFR 1303) for Lead In Paint. In addition, they require that every toy comply with the strictest standards for material safety, flammability, choking hazards, sharp points, pinching, and more.

Magic Cabin’s vendors, too, are required to submit documentation from independent testing laboratories proving their products conform to the appropriate safety standards. All products are routinely reviewed and updated documentation requested, guaranteeing consistent quality and adherence to safety standards for as long as they carry each item.

Everyone at Magic Cabin is there to support their customers in their effort to provide safe and quality toys—”Childhood’s Purest Treasures”—for the children in their life.   Visit their site, you’ll be pleased.