I gave Emily, my 3-year-old granddaughter, a DVD by Rock N Learn that teaches the ABCs while doing fun exercises to song. She loved moving around, following the exercises with Alphabet Al. It’s just right for young children to get them up and moving during days they can’t go out and play.

Her mom, Lori, teaches 3 1/2 – 4 year olds.  On Tuesday, she took the ABC Exercise video to school to play it  for her pre-school class since they couldn’t go out to play – they had over 10 inches of snow the day before!

As you can see from the picture of Lori’s class, the Rock N Learn ABC Exercise video got the whole class up and moving by “picking cherries” and more fun movements while learning the alphabet, beginning sounds, and new vocabulary.

Lori and the other teachers liked it because they didn’t need anything but the Rock N Learn video for the kids to have a good time during their exercise time indoors.

Here’s a picture of the kids watching the video.  My daughter sent this picture and texted my cell phone with this message when they were finished:


They loved it! At the end, it still had 90% of the kids’ attention. They wanted more!

That’s saying a lot for children of that young age, not able to go out and play because of the many, many inches of snow that fell last Monday.

One of the other teachers told Lori  that she has a few of the Rock N Learn videos for her class and the kids love them!

I also gave Emily the ABC Circus video by Rock N Learn. The colorful, animated video uses the circus to teach the ABC’s with acrobats, clowns, elephants, and more and instead of a teacher, their attention is kept by the ring master, Alphabet Al, dressed in a purple suit and hat – Emily’s favorite color!  We had been to the circus last summer so she was very excited when she recognized things she had seen under the Big Top!

I gave Kaitlin 3 videos by Rock N Learn ( math, time, and money skills) which I’ll post about after she’s watched them all.

Lori and Emily  recommend Rock N Learn videos and audio books for fun learning of languages, reading and phonics, social studies, test taking strategies, math, and also Nursery Rhymes, which I’ll be giving to Lori at her baby shower for our soon-to-be grandson.