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Mother’s Day Poem Gifts for Nana, Grandmother, Mom

PERSONALIZED MOTHER'S DAY POEM GIFT IDEAS You can change the title from Mom or Mother to Grandmom, Grandmother, Nana or any title you want! Personalized Poem Gifts for Nana, Grandmother, Nona, MeMa, Grandma and More...that fill the heart with love and appreciation with a poem of your choice from Gifts For You Now, [...]

Intrastate Online Poker: Will New Jersey Be Responsible?

Gambling for money online is illegal in the United States. In November, residents of New Jersey will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to legalize intrastate online gaming. What this means is that New Jersey residents will be able to play online poker against other New Jersey residents, only, [...]

20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas for grandchildren? There's still time to shop for Valentine's Day presents. I've found 20 awesome Valentine's Day gift ideas for grandchildren for you to choose from. Kids love finding surprise packages addressed to them from matter when they arrive! I use [...]

Nana’s Gift Ideas: Kids Pop 2.0 Music CD

Today is our Emily's 5th birthday! Yeah! Emily is very girly, loves to wear dresses (especially purple), and enjoys dancing to her older sister's CDs. But, the music isn't always appropriate for a five-year-old. In searching for birthday gift ideas, I came across Kids Pop 2.0, a CD produced by [...]

Grandparents: Learning How to Play Poker Online

How to Play Poker Online Playing poker can be a positive experience as the French learned when they first played it and now we modern game players can play poker en ligne (means online poker). Oui, I know a little francais. As I ended my last post on online poker, I [...]

Do Grandparents Play Poker Online?

Grandparents: Online Poker This topic of grandparents playing on TV recently and found myself wondering how many grandparents play poker, are there poker tournaments for grandparents...and could poker games be played online by those who are unable or unwilling to travel. My grandparent friends don't play poker games, but is [...]

14 Romantic Valentine Gifts | Precious Moments Gifts

Precious Moments romantic Valentine gifts are perfect keepsakes that can express your love to your special person when words are difficult to find. Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in this post, but the opinions are my own. I wonder who searches more online for the perfect romantic [...]

Personalized Gifts for Nana from Her Grandchildren

Here you are looking for perfect personalized gift ideas for a granddaughter or grandson to give Nana. Finding special gifts for Nana can be a challenge to keep the gifts unique and also something Nana will enjoy displaying or using. My children have a step-grandmother who has everything she needs [...]