LukeSince I started blogging on NanasCorner two years ago, I’ve been very fortunate to meet amazing grandparents.  This past week I received an email from Jane-Ann Heitmueller which I want to share with you:

As a grandmother to two I really enjoy your site. I particularly enjoy your grandparent and child poems and wondered if you accept any new poems from your readers to use on your site? Over time I have written several poems on the subject and would love to share them with those who, like myself, enjoy visiting Nana’s Corner (2010).

Loving Poems for Grandchildren

Jane sent me the following poems which I truly enjoyed:  That Little Boy about a boy grown and out on his own, Welcome Home written for a new baby, Circle describes the how quickly the time comes for our children to try their wings, and my favorite in this group – Why, Granny? which I will leave for you to discover for yourself.

Jane-Ann Heitmueller’s poems are love poems from a grandmother to her grandchildren.  I know you will love these poems…

That Little Boy

That little boy of long ago is all grown up and gone.
He’s left behind a trail of love unmatched by any song.
Of tears and smiles,
of joys and jests, he’s
filled my memory so;
Thus he’ll be close within my heart,
no matter where he’ll go.

Jane-Ann Heitmueller

Welcome Home

Precious baby, all brand new, a welcome to the world to you.
May life be filled with joy and love from those on earth and God above.
May you be blessed with friends and health,
which truly is your greatest wealth.

May minute things bring thrills unknown and give you peace when you’re alone.
May you walk close with man and God, as your life’s path you daily trod.
May fowl and tree and rain and wind, as nature’s gift…become your friend.

May your heart hold a merry soul, with happiness your constant goal.
May your small spark ignite the earth and radiate for all it’s worth!
A miracle sent from above…
We welcome you with joy and love

Jane-Ann Heitmueller

The Circle

We’ve all heard the adage “We give children two main things, a strong foundation for their roots and sturdy, soaring wings”.

So often, during rearing years the message goes astray, as busy lives and hectic hours fill each hectic day.

Amidst the toil and joy and din the message often dims, as in our humanness we seek to fulfill daily whims.

Seems though we’ve only turned around and wings have sprouted strong, for we are sitting placidly and rushing feet… have gone.

They’ve left so quickly from our nest, this safety net called home; while hustling through this maze called life…our children are now grown!

What memories echo in the void, bringing both smiles and tears;
from babes in arm to true adults…wherever are the years?

We realized, right from the start, God issued them in trust,
knowing full well our gentle nudge would be a sorrow thrust.

We glow with pride for what’s to come, as they soar wide and high; remembering …” ’twas meant to be”, it’s now their time to fly!

Jane-Ann Heitmueller

Why, Granny?

“Why do you wear aprons, Granny?” I asked her one day,
as I nestled on her lap, while resting from my play.

“Mercy child,” she replied, “it’s just a part of life.
It’s as valuable to me as Grandpa’s pocketknife.

When I wrap it on each day it makes me feel complete. I’m
Prepared to face the day, whatever I shall meet.

Sometimes it’s a wiping rag to dry my dripping hands.
Sometimes it’s a holding cloth to grasp the boiling pans.

Now and then it dries a tear or wipes a runny nose. It’s a
Part of all I do, wherever Granny goes.

Carrying potatoes or the hen’s eggs from their nest.
Snuggling baby kittens close and warm against my breast.

Wiping up the drips and drops that splatter on the floor. Oft’
Times used to dust the table and there’s so much more.

On a rainy day it’s used to shield my head from rain or to
Take the horses lots of tasty, yellow grain.

Sometimes it’s a help to open stubborn lids I grip. It can
hide a dirty spot or shield a jagged rip.

It’s been known to shine a shoe or dry a puppy’s fur or to
Clear a mirror when the steam has caused a blur.

Best of all though, precious child sitting on my knee, it’s
A place to nestle you and have you here with me!”

Jane-Ann Heitmueller

I’m a fan! I look froward to sharing more poems by Jane-Ann Heitmueller.

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