Not just one baby, but two babies! To celebrate the birth of twins, Jane Heitmueller shares her poem about the joy of twins. This poem is a wonderful poem to send to grandparents and parents of new baby twins.

Boy oh Boy!

by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

What special blessings, wondrous joys…
God’s special gifts. Two little boys!
Exciting days have just begun,
hard to imagine more than one.

There’s twice of everything you face.
A double speed will be your pace.
Twice coos, twice wails, twice sleepless nights.
Twice scrapes and cuts. Twice boyish fights.
Twice teenage heartbreaks, college fees,
along with double laughter, glees.

I think the good Lord felt it wise to loan you
these two precious guys.
He knew where they’d find happy days.
Your families’ sparkling sunshine rays.

What fun, this trip you begin now,
with Mother Nature showing how.
Savor each moment, day and year,
while guiding true each child, so dear.

Congratulations, whoopee, wow…
your lives will sure be different now!