Every year more and more people are getting prepaid credit cards as Christmas gifts. Prepaid credit cards are convenient and your family and friends get to use their Christmas gift for whatever they need or want. Whether it’s to pay bills, purchase something they actually want, or save it for emergencies, prepaid credit cards are great Christmas stocking stuffers. They’re easy to buy – no fighting crowds for the best Christmas sales. They’re easy to use during the after Christmas sales – when your family and friends can get more for your money!

Just this morning, my son was asking me for ideas as to what to give his two sisters. For the one, he’s thinking of donating to their Disney World vacation fund to which they hope to visit in 2011. I suggested putting it into a savings account but then, after researching options for him, I discovered the prepaid credit card. He can transfer money into the prepaid credit card account for holiday, anniversary, and birthday gifts for the each one of the 5 family members. And if we, the grandparents, want to donate too, then we can also transfer payments into the account.

When I told our son about prepaid credit cards, he thought that would be a great idea for his other sister, too. There are many gift ideas to choose from for her so he’s having a difficult time deciding on the best Christmas gift for her. By giving her a prepaid gift card, she can pay bills or better yet have fun shopping for the perfect gift for herself. What woman wouldn’t love shopping with a prepaid credit card…or teen, or anyone on your list? Other family members can also purchase prepaid credit cards for her, too, to add more pleasure to her own personal Christmas shopping experience.

Gift cards have become very popular stocking stuffer ideas for both men and women of all ages in the past few holiday shopping seasons, but then buying a gift card in a specific store limits the choices to what can be bought. The answer to the perfect stocking stuffers – a prepaid credit card – is a universal gift; prepaid credit cards are accepted everywhere. The gift purchase choices are unlimited with these Christmas stocking stuffers. You can’t go wrong.