A poem for young mothers, Hang in There…

Seems only when you become a grandparent can you truly reflect, through observing your own children rearing their children, on the path you have just trod and somehow survived! So, your advice to your daughter, a mother of young children, is a poem for young mothers telling them to Hang in There!

Hang in There

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

One time, so many years ago, I too, was thirty- five.
My world was topsy turvy and all days in overdrive.

Twenty-four hours weren’t enough to finish every chore.
My frazzled brain kept screaming…where’s the time..
I need much more!

There never seemed to be a moment free for rest or fun.
My days, from sun up till sundown, were run, run, run, run, run!

My weary brain was sparking like a wild electric charge.
I was the cook, the chauffeur, nurse..
guess one could call me Sarge.

In tiny segments I could only dream days would be calm,
but those were few and far between..
with life in this A-bomb.

I had no clue that  sometime I’d look back in peaceful
days and think of all young families do…
I truly am amazed!

So hang on tight and run the race.
It’s worth each bump and scrape,
’cause every moment’s making your life wonderful and great.

And one day, if you’re lucky, you will be a grandma too,
and watch in awe as your kids deal with days
you have lived through.

Love and hugs,